How We Work


H/G specializes in documentary-style shoots that feature real people in real settings, telling real stories in their own words. Our goal is to create videos that feel natural—professional, but never slick or overproduced. We achieve this goal by using mostly natural light, limiting the staff we have on set, creating a comfortable atmosphere for our subjects, and leveraging our storytelling and journalistic expertise to draw out your story, the way you want to tell it.

H/G typically shoots on location, but we also have studio space available for intimate interviews. We like to say we travel light; our use of limited equipment and staff has proven to create more comfortable, natural experiences for our subjects, and that is reflected in our work.

Our collaboration with you is a partnership from concept to final cut. We’ll provide you with focused, expert guidance to help you realize the video product that will meet your goals. For example, we offer over-the-shoulder editing sessions so you can be right beside us to help make important editing decisions. The partnership we develop during our process means the final product will be the realization of your vision.